Roundtable Meeting – Friday, September 14, 2018

“Advancing Export Terminal Technology: An Optimized Process for the Refrigeration of Cryogenic Hydrocarbons”

This presentation focuses on the technical design for an ethylene export terminal utilizing two (2) different refrigeration processes: the traditional open cycle (OC) and a more advanced single mixed refrigerant (SMR) scheme. The two processes were modelled in-house at Chiyoda using the generic concepts of refrigeration cycles and UNISIM Design suite 450 simulation software. Each process is optimized through adjusting the available process variables to achieve an overall efficient refrigeration process for an ethylene production rate of 100 metric tonnes per hour (mt/hr). The technical design is concluded by defining major equipment sizes, layout, and a relative cost for the units. While the technical paper will focus on ethylene, similar results can be obtained for other hydrocarbons including ethane and propylene.

Speaker: Martin J. Rosetta, Director of LNG Technology, Chiyoda International Corporation 

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