June 12 Webinar – Leading Through a Crisis: Supply Chain Disruption | Covid-19 Pandemic

The E&C industry is dependent on a complex, global supply chain that is being disrupted to an unprecedented level. It has been a herculean challenge that has tested the supply chain in many different ways. What once worked flawlessly is now imperiled at every link in the chain. Where low cost was once a predominant decision criteria, relationships have now emerged as being just as important. How we approach contracting, how we approach sourcing – it’s all changing as a result of the pandemic. Hear what industry procurement leaders have to say about how their world is changing – from mega projects down to industrial services. Join us as we discuss Break Points,  Supplier Relationships, Contracting and Sourcing. Click here for more details and to register. 

May 8 Webinar Recording and Q&A

Thank you to our moderator and panelists for presenting “Leading Through a Crisis: Contractual Implications | Covid-19 Pandemic” during our May 8 Webinar. Q&A from the session will be posted soon.

Answers to questions asked during the webinar can be found here.

April 24 Webinar Recording and Q&A

Thank you to our panelists and all those who participated in our first webinar – “Leading Through a Crisis: E&C Leadership Perspective | Covid-19 Pandemic” – on April 24.

Answers to questions asked during the webinar can be found here.

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