The Rice Global E&C Forum (RGF) is the only organization focused solely on the discussion and study of problems and opportunities facing the contracting side of the E&C industry. The Rice Global E&C Forum (RGF) has a vision to be the premier venue for discussion of critical issues impacting the future of the global E & C industry.

The first all day forum was held on September 28, 1998 on the Rice University campus with the Keynote topic, “Market Changes in the E&C Industry” delivered by Joe Munisteri. The Rice Global E&C Forum was actually founded in 1996 by Dr. Durrani along with a small group individuals.

Dr. Ahmad J. Durrani of the Department of Civil Engineering and Ryuzo “Ricky” Nagaoka, then a graduate student at Rice, saw the need for a forum for discussion on topics and problems in the industry and for a neutral place where persons active in the industry could come together to study them. The primary focus at that time was on questions in the Engineering and Construction Industry and that focus has remained the primary mission of the Forum.

Contracting industry leaders at that time brought together a Steering Committee to outline the future mission that carried the Forum through to December 2008. At that time the Forum determined a stronger governance model needed to be adopted. Therefore a set of by-laws and a structure definition were created to provide the governance. Currently a Board of Directors, an Executive Committee and membership volunteers serve the Forum’s mission.

Growing from a small group of individuals, today the Forum has grown to include 30 contractor members and 28 associate members from the major domestic and international contracting community. The Forum expanded its activities sometime before 2003 to include monthly luncheon Roundtable meetings at which timely topics of interest to the E&C are presented and discussed. By 2005 its Annual Forum event evolved to include an opening reception, dinner and presentation as we know it today.

Anti-Trust Statement
No activity of the Rice Global E&C Forum shall involve the exchange, collection or dissemination of information among competitors for the purpose of bringing about or attempting to bring about any understanding or agreement, written or oral, formal or informal, express or implied, among competitors with regard to costs, prices or pricing methods, terms or conditions of sale, distribution, production quotas or other limitations, on either the timing, or volume of production, or sales, or allocation of territories or customers.