Claire Markwardt

Claire Markwardt is a Partner within Accentureai??i??s Energy Practice specializing in strategic change and organization performance for Upstream and Integrated Oil and Gas clients. She joined Accenture in 1992 and holds a degree in Spanish from Vanderbilt University.

Over the last few years, Claire has shaped Accentureai??i??s Energy Workforce Transformation and Sustainability Global Offering, which addresses how to execute on increasingly complex development and operations opportunities in distant, often unfamiliar regions with a shrinking and increasingly cautious labor pool. She has led engagements for or provided expertise to Upstream and Integrated Gas Operators in West Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.

In addition to the Workforce Transformation specialization, Ms. Markwardt has led the planning and implementation for large scale IT, merger and acquisition, and transformational change programs. Within these programs, the range of services provided included project leadership, project management, business process design, and change management. Over the last year, Claire has concentrated her time with the day-to-day Accenture project operations at Unocal, an Upstream Oil and Gas Independent.

In addition to client service, Claire is dedicated to supporting the Accenture community in the growth and development of our people. She serves as a relationship family co-lead within the Supernova community. Claire is the overall lead for the Leadership Networking programs within Resources North America Womenai??i??s Initiatives and is the sponsor for those programs within Energy North America.

Claire has been married to Alex Ramirez for twelve years. They have a six-year-old daughter, Caroline, who keeps both parents very, very busy. Claire also enjoys spending time with family and friends.

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