Jerry Oliver

Jerry Oliver is the Senior Vice President, Project Development for the FutureGen Industrial Alliance. His responsibilities include siting, power plant and the subsurface work from coal handling through carbon sequestration. He reports directly to FutureGenai??i??s CEO, Michael J. Mudd. Mr. Oliver has been working with the FutureGen Alliance for over a year and half. He spent the prior 13 plus years with Bechtel. His work in Bechtel included a technology leadership role within Bechtelai??i??s Petroleum and Chemicals business line followed by 5 years in China managing Bechtelai??i??s Industrial and Telecommunications Asia Pacific business lines. Prior to working for Bechtel, Mr. Oliver spent the prior 20 plus years working for BP-SOHIO, Exxon and Kennecott. During the early 1980ai??i??s he headed up SOHIOai??i??s Synthetic Fuels business which included gasification, oil shale and a variety of other alternate energy activities. During the late 1980ai??i??s, Mr. Oliver joined BPai??i??s coal business, Oil Ben Coal, as the head of Technical Services. Mr. Oliver has served on the National Coal Council (1991-97), was the chairman for the American Petroleum Instituteai??i??s Synfuels Committee (1982-84) and is a member of both ASCE and AIME. He has a degree in Geology from NMIMT and an MBA from Western New Mexico University.

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