Vision & Mission


Our vision is to be the premiere collaborative community focused solely on the discussion and investigative study of the current and future challenges and opportunities facing the engineering and construction (E&C) industry.


Our mission is to deliver on our vision in collaboration with Rice University by creating an open environment for industry neutral information exchange. Through our Monthly Roundtable meetings culminating in our Annual Forum, we bring together an impressive array of industry credentials, resources and viewpoints.

By creating an impartial setting, we facilitate sought after study and discussion of the challenges and opportunities faced across the supply chain of the E&C industry.

Our approach to an open information exchange of ideas and opinions is a unique opportunity for all Rice Global E&C Forum (RGF) members to identify areas of mutual interest to more efficiently and effectively deliver projects. Our collaboration results in discussion that ultimately benefits the spectrum of markets, and respective operating company and public sector entities, served by our engineering and construction members.

(adopted June 2019)