News Release September 22, 2014


Fluor work on RPSEA study recognized for engineering excellence

HOUSTONA study of the state-of-the-art of subsea separation technology performed by Fluor Corporation under the auspices of the Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America (RPSEA) was named recipient of the 2014 Award for Excellence by the Rice Global Engineering & Construction Forum (RGF). Accepting the award this evening in a ceremony at the VIP Banquet opening the RGF’s 17th annual fall conference were Gerald Stone, Senior Vice President of Fluor Offshore Solutions, and Neal Prescott, Fluor’s Executive Director of Offshore Technology, who is responsible for offshore technology development programs and new technology initiatives at Fluor.

Discharging produced water from surface facilities after treatment is standard practice in the offshore oil and gas industry; proven methods are applied–often in concert–to ensure wastewater disposal has no adverse effects upon marine life. However, several significant technical obstacles must be overcome to ensure produced water treated on the seabed complies with environmental-protection requirements for overboard discharge. Based upon a lengthy review of water-treating processes and technologies being used topside in the industry today, Fluor concluded that–with continuous funding of technology development and qualification programs–processing and discharge of produced water on the seabed should be achievable in the next 3-to-5 years. More importantly, the Fluor study yielded the first-ever conceptual designs for subsea produced water-treatment systems, installed on the seabed, capable of cleaning up waste water for discharge directly into the offshore environment

“The Rice Global E&C Forum is pleased to recognize Fluor, an RGF founding member, as the 2014 recipient of our Engineering Excellence award,” said Martin Van Sickels, RGF Executive Director. “Determining the best ways to handle produced water from subsea oil and gas production addresses a major environmental concern of the oil and gas industry.”

“It is a great honor to have Fluor’s development program involving Ultra Deep Water Discharge of Produced Water and/or Solids at the Seabed to be recognized by the Rice Global E&C Forum and selected for the Award for Excellence in 2014,” Stone said. “This support is crucial in moving this needed technology forward through our next phase of development towards industry commercialization to support a clean offshore environment.”

About the RGF’s Award for Excellence:

  • The Award for Excellence was established in 2011 by the Rice Global E&C Forum to acknowledge an individual, group or organization for a significant event or outstanding performance in an Engineering and Construction industry-related activity. The award is presented once a year at the RGF fall conference.
  • Any E&C company may nominate a candidate for the award, but all nominations must be formally submitted by a sponsoring RGF board member using the official Nomination Form. Non-Forum companies must submit their nominations through an RGF board member.
  • Categories for recognition include a notable business improvement or development, unique technical solution or innovation, project execution excellence, global growth, and young engineers programs. However, nominators may create new categories if they can provide compelling reasons.
  • Members of the Award for Excellence committee evaluate nominees based upon key criteria, including: the contribution to sustaining or improving the E&C industry; for addressing an industry-wide issue or highly challenging problem; for receiving broad industry recognition for taking a major step forward; and for generating on-going social benefits in the community.

About the Rice Global Engineering & Construction Forum: The Rice Global E&C Forum is a voluntary academic-industry organization dedicated to stimulating original thinking, discussion, and resolution of the major economic, political, strategic and technological challenges and opportunities faced by global engineering and construction companies.

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