Engineers Without Borders

The RGF contributes financial support to the Rice University Student Chapter of Engineers Without Borders-USA, which sent a team of students to Nicaragua for three weeks in May 2011 to complete construction of a health clinic that is providing access to healthcare for the first time for 250 residents of the rural valley community of Pueblo Nuevo.  The project began in early 2010 and required one assessment trip and three construction trips to complete.

During the trip in May, Rice students:
• Constructed the clinic roof, furnishings, and rainwater catchment system.
• Taught children at the school in Pueblo Nuevo about hygiene and anatomy to promote healthier habits.
• Coordinated with local municipal governments for doctors from the nearby community of Cardenas to visit the new clinic bi-monthly.

For 2012, the RGF plans to donate $5,000 to support of the efforts of the Rice University Student Chapter of EWB.

“List of Needs”
Will Davie of Technip is the point of contact between the Rice Global Forum and the Rice University Engineers Without Borders (EWB) program. The purpose of this is to ensure the most efficient communication between the students and the Forum, and to ensure we offer the best possible assistance and mentorship.

Below is the EWB group’s “List of Needs.”

It is our hope our member companies and E & C community can help fulfill the following:

1. Mentors for El Salvador project – The EWB team will be traveling to El Salvador to work on a water purification and distribution system, which will serve approximately 800 residents. The team needs mentors – those who can assist during advance design preparations (Saturday meetings in Houston) and those who can travel with them to support the implementation.  Ideally, mentors will have experience with AutoCAD, designing distribution systems, tank sizing and construction, water capture and purification. While Civil Engineers tend to fit these descriptions best, any mentor with experience in these types of projects will be welcome.

There will be four trips –

  • August (mid-late) 2012 – 1st Implementation. Focus – foundations, tanks, PVC line, galvanized steel piping, bio-sand filters
  • December 2012 / January 2013 – 2nd Implementation. Focus – foundations, tanks, PVC line, galvanized steel piping, distribution headers
  • March 2013 (Spring Break – 3rd Implementation. Focus – PVC line, galvanized steel piping, distribution headers, chlorination techniques, pumps
  • May 2013 – 4th Implementation.

Please note – the first two trips in particular will be in a spread out, mountainous area in a very warm climate. Mentors should be comfortable with hiking and willing to help carry materials in this terrain. Spanish-speaking ability is helpful, but not mandatory.

RGF member companies and E & C colleagues are encouraged to consider this mentoring opportunity and share with others in their company. For more information, contact:

Will Davie
Vice President – New Ventures and Strategy
Technip USA – Onshore
Tel: +1 281 249 4282
Fax: +1 281 249 2325
Cell: +1 281 701 6546

Student Support & Sponsorships
RGF uses income generated by the annual dues of RGF Contractor Members and Associate Members and from attendance fees for monthly RGF roundtable luncheons and the Annual Forum to promote engineering education at Rice University.  RGF encourages student engineers by:
• Sponsoring an annual Student Engineering Competition during National Engineers’ Week.
• Contributing financially to the Rice University Student Chapter of Engineers Without Borders-USA.
• Awarding partial tuition scholarships to deserving Rice School of Engineering students.