Award for Excellence

The Award for Excellence was established in 2011 by the Rice Global E&C Forum to acknowledge an individual, group or organization for a significant event or outstanding performance in an Engineering and Construction industry-related activity. The award is presented once a year at the RGF Annual Forum (AF) for recent accomplishments.

Who is Eligible to Nominate
RGF members or non-member companies can make nominations. All nominations for the award must be submitted to the Rice Global Forum using the Nomination Form. Forum companies should submit their nominations through an RGF board member.

Nomination Categories
Categories for recognition include the following (However, nominators may create new categories if they can provide compelling reasons):

  • Notable Business Improvement or Development – Examples are significant contributions of individuals, strategic business acquisitions that enhance the industry, new service offerings, new or improved project delivery or execution models, successful company turn-around, etc. A viable candidate or organization would require proven success with documented results.
  • Unique Technical Solution or Innovation – Example are technology improvements that enhance a particular process, industry capabilities, efficiencies or environmental-related improvements.
  • Project Execution Excellence – Examples are large, special or unique projects with outstanding challenges and successful execution.
  • Global Growth – Examples are new or expanding business presence around the globe, work share examples, procurement and/or construction joint ventures, in-country content or other avenues that focus on the increasingly global nature of the industry.
  • Young Engineer’s Programs – Examples are significant contributions to scholarship programs, Engineers without Borders, High School engineering orientation programs, Summer Intern programs for College Student, and in-house career planning and mentoring programs.

Criteria for the Award of Excellence
The Award will be judged based on the following key criteria:

  • Significant contribution to the Sustainability/Improvement of the E&C Industry – this might include significant personnel development approaches, new tools or techniques.  An example might be a new approach to risk management that positions the industry to make more predictable returns on projects.
  • Addresses an Industry wide issue – the nomination has broad application across the industry.  To more the approach can be applied outside of a narrow area, the more beneficial to the industry.
  • Unique or innovative answer to the issue at hand – the nomination is a new or novel approach as opposed to a better application of a known technique.
  • Addresses a highly challenging problem for the industry – the nomination addresses an industry wide problem that has challenged companies and contributes significantly to the advancement of the issue.
  • Recognized by others on a broad basis as a major step forward – the solution or development has broad recognition in the industry as a beneficial or good solution.
  • Generates on-going social benefits in the community – the proposed approach has a positive impact outside the industry on the global or local community.

Nomination Time Table

  • Confirm Nomination Intent: N/A
  • Nomination deadline: N/A
  • Notification to award winner by: N/A
  • Award Presentation Banquet: N/A