2015 Award for Excellence Winner

The Business Excellence (BEx) Program at Black & Veatch–a global team-based, data-driven, change-management program initiated in 2003, which provides an effective platform for innovation, leadership development and value creation–was named recipient of the 2015 Award for Excellence by the Rice Global Forum at the VIP Banquet opening the RGF’s 18th annual fall conference.

Black & Veatch–one of the largest employee-owned engineering and construction companies in the U.S. with more than 100 offices worldwide and projects in more than 100 countries–provided extensive evidence of improvements and innovations achieved in numerous mission-critical processes through the BEx program. Key differentiating and innovative success factors for the BEx program include:

  • Disciplined approach to accelerate change and innovation that improves project execution and business operations to create value for the company, business partners, and clients globally.
  • Focus on E&C “innovation through simplification” where innovation projects relentlessly pursue and eliminate unnecessary complexity and bureaucracy from design to construction, across all business operations.
  • Collaborative leadership and career development opportunities for entrepreneurial professionals who are trained to lead with passion, discipline, and resilience.
  • A decade long track record of successful improvement and innovation execution coupled with growing professional and leadership engagement on a global basis.

“The Rice Global E&C Forum is pleased to recognize Black & Veatch’s Business Excellence program as the 2015 recipient of our Engineering and Construction Excellence award,” said Martin Van Sickels, RGF Executive Director. “Accelerating change and innovation is a core issue for all engineering and construction firms, and the BEx program also created value by improving the efficiency of project execution globally, which is another important business objective.”

“Black & Veatch is honored to be recognized by the Rice Global Forum for the achievements of our professionals through the Business Excellence program,” Black & Veatch Vice President and Director José Pires, the global leader of the BEx program, said.  “We launched BEx with 20 professionals in 2003 to accelerate change and innovation in our Energy business. Today, more than 2,200 Black & Veatch professionals worldwide engage in BEx improvements and innovations in energy, water and telecommunications. With strong leadership support, BEx plays a key role in pursuing strategic and operational improvement opportunities we encounter all over the world, resulting in an eight-fold increase in tangible, validated benefits for our company, business partners and global E&C clients.”

For more information, please contact José Pires by e-message at piresj@bv.com, or George Minter, Director Media Relations & Communications, at 913-458-8001, e-mail minterga@bv.com.


Rice Global E&C Forum Chairman, Alan English (right) presenting the award to José Pires, Black & Veatch Vice President and Director (left)