June 2018 Roundtable

Date / Time:

Friday, June 8, 2018 

11:15 am – 12:00 pm    Registration & Networking
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm      Lunch & Program
   1:00 pm – 1:45 pm     Networking


“U.S. and Canada Chemical Industry Outlook, by Industrial Info Resources, Inc.”

The chemical processing industry of the United States has been in a consistent growth pattern since the exit from the last recession, with overall spending exceeding historical milestones for each of the past five years. Most of this growth is related to an abundant and long-term supply of inexpensive natural gas (n/g) and natural gas liquids (NGLs). These commodities have quickly become the primary feedstock for much of the petrochemical industry in the United States and Canada, displacing naphtha as the feedstock of choice.

Some of the first influences of cheap natural gas on the chemical industry were witnessed in 2013, when construction began on several million tons of new ammonia capacity in response to future n/g prices that were almost flat. Soon after in 2014, cheap NGLs promoted the start of construction for multiple ethane crackers in Texas to produce world-scale quantities of ethylene.

The cost advantages of low gas prices available to producers in the U.S. continue to keep overall investments in the chemical industry at an all-time high, sparking dozens of multibillion-dollar investments and attracting numerous foreign companies to invest in the United States for the first time. Even after more than five years of elevated spending in the chemical industry, new and even bigger projects continue to be announced and confirmed.

Industrial Info is currently tracking more than 2,800 capital and maintenance projects planned or underway in the United States and Canada with an investment total exceeding $161 billion. In this market outlook we will share details of what we are tracking, the outlook for spending through 2019 and more.

Event Flyer: Flyer – Roundtable 180608

Trey Hamblet
Global Vice President of Research, Chemical Processing Industry of Industrial Info Resources

Trey Hamblet is the Global Vice President of Research for the Chemical Processing Industry of Industrial Info Resources. In this position, he manages research teams that identify and track project spending in all segments of the Chemical Processing Industry globally.  Additionally he manages multiple commodity research teams tracking offline maintenance events, planned capacity additions and similar activities in chemical, gas processing and energy industries. An Industrial Info employee since 1991, Mr. Hamblet also serves as the VP of Research Operations and is a member of Industrial Info’s board of directors.

Location & Parking:

Grand Hall in the Rice Ley Student Center Detailed campus maps are available on the web at http://www.rice.edu/maps/. The Ley Student Center is located in the central part of Rice campus. The Central Campus Garage, which is the closest parking facility, is located to the left of the Ley Student Center across the street.

Rice University is a popular meeting location. In the remote possibly the underground parking is full, the second closest parking is the West Lot. Continue down the Laboratory Loop Road to the stop sign. Cross the street and the gate will be on the left. Be sure to bring an umbrella if the weather seems inclement.

The campus also offers a bus shuttle that runs about every 15 minutes as it loops the campus. Look for the bus stop signs to use or enjoy a short brisk walk!


$25 per person for online registration and $35 per person for on-site registration – a boxed lunch will be served. $ 0 for Rice Students and $15 for Rice Faculty – registration required in advance. Online registration will close at Noon on Thursday, June 7, 2018. On-site registration is available on the day of the event for $35 per person.

Payment accepted online by credit card at time of registration.

In order to protect the privacy of the luncheon attendees, the list of attendees is not published or distributed.

This Roundtable qualifies for one (1) Professional Development Hour (PDH). Your email confirmation at completion of registration serves as your PDH and payment receipts. Paper receipts may be picked up at the registration desk at time of check-in.